The Creative Contemplatives are three women whose mission is to help others find the peace and growth that we have found by taking a bit of time out of our way-too-busy lives to just be quiet and open. We began bringing creative contemplative retreats to the Eastern Shore of Virginia in 2010. Since then we have expanded our horizons, moving from coast to coast. This autumn we will bring our first retreat to Maine.

Our Upcoming Retreats

“Threshold Times: Pilgrimages Amid Inner and Outer Change”, Chincoteague, Virginia, March 17-19, 2017


But first you may ask….

 What is a “Creative Contemplative Retreat”?  (This explanation from Our Blog was so inspirational, we had to move it to the front page.  Go to Our Blog to read the rest the rest of the description.)

Well, for starters, we suggest these three words apply to everyone… hold promise and renewal for everyone…
“Creative” in that we all have something inside ourselves to express, especially in times of transition, and artwork (collage, clay, using color, etc.) can reveal aspects of ourselves in fresh ways.
“Contemplative” in that in our busy lives, we are all closet contemplatives.  We need time apart that is designed to slow us down, to help us listen deeply and compassionately to the life both inside and outside us.  We need time to rest, to simply be.
“Retreat” is a special time and place apart designed to help us attend to what is most important in our lives.   Debbie, Nancy, and Nina

Reach us at:  CCretreats@gmail.com